Friday, 19 January 2018

Portrait Sculpture

Welcome to the site showing examples of portrait sculpture.
The Sculptress JOEL has recently been asked to do several portraits of best loved dogs, and examples of these are included, though she has also been working on other animals and people.
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Here there are examples of  portraits

A Life sized sculpture of a female working Labrador

 Life sized portrait head of a Cairn Terrier

Table top sculpture of  West Highland White
You can follow the making of the portrait of the head of a Deerhound
Here is an image of the  original

The Bronze portrait sculpture of the Deerhound was unveiled at Blenheim
"She's Gorgeous" was the client's response
and a quote from visitors
"The Celtic Hound is fantastic - Just like our Deerhounds"

If you are interested in having a portrait sculpture of a special individual please contact JOEL at the Studio