Friday, 19 January 2018

Precious Gift

Portrait sculpture a life sized statue of a special canine friend - Precious

Follow the making of this unique dog sculpture.



The armature has been designed - measurements being assembled.
First elements of the armature welded. 
Other elements planned and sourced.

Steel rods and first wire

The wire set against outline

Close up of head components

Next the build up of the wire forms for the body and neck

here the filling of the wire to develop the width and first depth of the body core

Then the first layer of the clay to cover the wire and body

Next the study of the top line and the lower profile - and to add the clay to that profile

Good build up of overall top line

Build on the chestline

The chest line and top line will be refined.
Work has happened to add to width of loin shoulder and neck.

Next the study of the front and rear views.
Looking to support the head and set the positions of the legs....

Good sessions follow to build up the neck, head and body form and confirmation. I left some of the shade as I prepared the image for uploading... Giving an indication of the final topline after skin and hair detail are added

Checking of measurements. Research into Breed characteristics.
Continued work out of the form and development of the back and hip into the top of the legs.

Work continues 

The body and legs have been developed

The head and neck sketched in

Just a hint of paws 

Next to fill out the sides

A sketch of a collar has been dropped on to start to gain a reference

The ears are only sketched in place and will be adjusted and refined 
We can start to see her breed!

Every time an area and muscle group is adjusted all must be checked.

Much more work to do and all the surfaces to add  to top levels.

Getting closer

Major changes made to the neck to come closer to her form and character as seen below

After consultation with the commissioner/owner more adjustments to neck and leg length...also shape of nose and face

Oh yes and a new round collar!

More adjustments after feedback

Here a comparison - you get some foreshortening when taking photos - but we are getting close - you can note Precious statue has her head raised to look at her owner

Her head is slightly on one side as well as looking up.
The details to her face and ears will be worked on once  the pose and neck is right.

Work on the fine details continues, the rounded collar is set on the neck and the lovely lines of fur begun.

Fine details of the face in the spring sunshine - light and temperature just right for this close work to get the surfaces finished

Cheeks more rounded - visible from this angle and her collar is finished

Lovely wrinkles on her forehead when her ears are up and forward like this

Characteristic folds on her face and her mole!
Work on the feet to continue and we are booked in to the mould maker next week!

Mould all made

Great Skills involved to achieve a quality reliable mould

Wax made and checkedSprues and runners added and the Investment mould is being built. 
All these stages need their own skills and expertise.
Next the use of the furnace and the pouring of the molten Bronze.